2020-06-21 14:33:06
Dura Ltd.

2020-06-21 14:33:06

The Dura vertical storage cabinet is a compact, high-capacity unit, designed to solve the problems commonly associated with bulky wall-mounted peg boards.


Initially created for automotive workshops for storing special service tools, this robust design is equally useful for any industry where a combination of security and space efficiency is required. Standing at 2 metres high and available in 1m or 0.8 metre depths, the cabinet is supplied fully assembled, making installation quick and trouble-free – minimising downtime within your work area.


Each drawer can accommodate a loading of 150kg, with the cabinet delivering an impressive 600kg capacity overall. The standard drawer configuration comprises of three double-sided peg panel drawers and a wider basket drawer, although this drawer can also be supplied as a peg panel version if desired.


All drawers are secured with individual Cam Lock mechanisms, allowing drawers to be left in the unlock position without affecting stability. They are also fitted with a safety leg to eliminate any possibility of tipping.



•  Robust epoxy-coated steel construction
•  3 x peg panel drawers and 1 x adjustable basket drawer
•  Up to 8.5 m2 of vertical storage space
•  Available in 1m or 0.8m depths
•  Individually lockable drawers with Cam Lock System
•  Heavy-duty runners offering 150kg capacity per drawer (600kg unit capacity)
•  Safety leg on each drawer to eliminate tip hazards
•  Large stainless steel handles for two-handed operation
•  Unit on 6 legs with adjustable feet, for ease of fitting and moving



VSD-121    H 2000 W 1200 D 1000mm

VSD-128    H 2000 W 1200 D 800mm

If you would like a copy of the VSD-121/128 brochure, or to find out more about any of the Dura product range then please call our team on 01280 706050 or email info@dura.co.uk.


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