Porsche Mannheim integrated workshop by Dura Ltd
2017-12-07 09:05:04
Dura Ltd.

Precision Porsche, Sussex

Independent Porsche Specialist Goes Above and Beyond

Precision Porsche are soon becoming the favourite independent in the south. Located in the heart of mid Sussex, the company offers every service imaginable from maintenance and engine rebuilds, to full restoration. Owned by Porsche enthusiast Jonny Harle, Precision Porsche use genuine Porsche parts to ensure each customers warranty remains intact.

From the classic 356s and 911s, to Boxsters, Caymans and Cayennes, the company use the latest Porsche diagnostic equipment within their state of the art facilities. As the highest quality Independent Porsche specialist in the UK, Jonny Harle came to Dura to create a workshop and engine rebuild/renovation stations as well unit repair areas that would set his business above and beyond all other independents in the market

Jonny's innovative vision was to design a variation on the Porsche UK Head Quarters. Not only would this theme provide him and his team a fantastic environment in which to work, it would also have the capability of everything they need, in a visually impacting, clean line workshop. The design would allow functionality and storage for the plethora of modern, classic and exotic Porsches that Precision Porsche attract as their day to day business.

As an independent owner who values his team, and appreciates the work they conduct, Jonny wanted to provide his technicians with ample storage for tools and general items. Dura's many drawer and storage options with flexible configurations made this possible and a preferred layout was agreed upon. Through the use of CAD design, Dura ensured the bay layout was identically replicated in every work bay whilst being remaining spatially aware.

Jonny was very hands on throughout the whole project, one of his most precise requirements was for an engine room. In order to ensure the precision of his design, Jonny visited the Dura offices where a direct consultation with Dura's design team was under taken. Together they sat at the CAD computer, and ensured the space was catered for, exactly how Jonny had envisioned it. Along with Dura products, Jonny planned on incorporating his own gearbox and engine mounting brackets.

Once the entire installation was complete the real decision came ... what colour? To achieve his goal of standing out from the rest, Jonny wanted a real wow factor for customers entering the workshop. Dura looked at every option and their graphic designer presented over 10 colour combination options. The combinations had been formulated around the idea of incorporating Porsche's Acid Green of the Hybrid brake callipers, similar to that at Porsche UK Head Quarters.

Dura silver, their very own special mix of a luxurious silver powder coating along with Porsche green back panels, and the unmistakable Porsche logo, makes anyone's visit to see the Precision Porsche team a memorable one.

If you'd like more information on this project, or would like to hear more about our extensive range of workshop furniture, please email info@dura.co.uk or call 01280 706050.

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Precision Porsche integrated workshop by Dura Ltd Precision Porsche integrated workshop by Dura Ltd Precision Porsche integrated workshop by Dura Ltd