Leading motorsport team Prodrive sought workshop 'centre of excellence' Leading motorsport team Prodrive sought workshop 'centre of excellence'
2019-03-05 12:08:49
Dura Ltd.

2019-03-05 12:08:49

Leading motorsport team Prodrive sought workshop 'centre of excellence'

One of the world's leading motorsport companies, Prodrive, has ‘upped the game’ once more after investing in a brand new state-of-the-art workshop facility at their Banbury Headquarters.


Prodrive’s requirement for a modern and efficient motorsport ‘centre of excellence’ resulted in their decision to work with British manufacturer Dura to design and supply their complete system of modular workshop furniture. Dura’s design-led approach enabled both teams to form a close working relationship, a key benefit during the planning stages for Prodrive.


Dura delivered a fully-integrated solution throughout the open-plan workshop that covers 50,000 sq ft. Finished in Prodrive’s corporate colours, the range of cabinets and equipment was selected to optimise productivity and flexibility, as well as take into account an element of ‘future-proofing’.


Hal Busby, Workshop Controller, comments “It has been fantastic to work with Dura - creating space to maximise workflow efficiency has been key. Working with Dura has enabled us to do this, and we now have a workshop that sets new standards.”


The workshop, which is the hub of Prodrive’s motorsport operation, is the latest facility to open at their new headquarters’. The open-plan design brings together their car assembly process including subassembly, livery and final assembly, under one roof.


Dominic Wishlade, Managing Director of Dura comments “Prodrive’s reputation and authority in the motorsport industry goes before it, we are very proud to have worked with them on this project and ongoing into the future”.