Dura Servicewall System

The ServiceWall™

ServiceWall; marks another unique and significant step in the future of workshop furniture design. Specifically designed for customer facing areas such as reception and express service points, where creating the right impression is crucial, ServiceWall; is a unique modular system that can be used seamlessly as both a vehicle service facility and a partition wall structure in one state-of-the-art design.<br><br> It uses the latest high quality componentry to achieve a flush-fronted, modern, and clean appearance that neatly conceals a wide range of facilities from tool, waste, and general storage, to hose reels, protective equipment and diagnostics.

Features of the revolutionary Dura ServiceWall System

Modularity, flexibility, high quality and cutting edge designs are central to the ServiceWall; concept

  • - Pull out cupboard drawers for easy access
  • - Blank partitions wall panels can be used in any position. Can be used for promotional activities
  • - Diagnostic screens can be surface mounted or hidden
  • - Facilities cupboard with integrated steering wheel covers, glove, and towel dispensers
  • - Quality gas-assisted hinges allow for smooth movement
  • - Electrical communications outputs can be surface mounted or hidden
  • - Pull out workbench/desktop
  • - Hose reels cupboard with integrated drip tray
  • - Tool storage with optional control foam and useful sliding overdrawers
  • - Deep drawers, ideal for large items and polishes and cleaning fluids
  • - Integrated keyboard and mouse tray
  • - Drawers with integrated seat covers and floor matt dispensing
  • - Waste bin cupboard or high capacity low level storage
Dura ServiceWall Integrated Cupboards and Systems

The ServiceWall™

ServiceWall; can be tailored to meet your brand requirements exactly. Perfect as a "Brand Wall" ServiceWall; can be made to match your corporate colour scheme and also be fitted with intelligent glass - using an electronic current to turn a completely opaque screen into a totally see-through window - ideal for merchandising accessories, clothing and parts.

To discover how you can use ServiceWall; to enhance your company's service offering, or promote aftermarket sales, call us now on <a href="tel:+441280706050">+44 (0) 1280 706050 </a> via <a href="mailto:?Subject=Hello%20Dura">info@dura.co.uk</a>

Dura ServiceWall System within Porsche Showroom