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The ServicePod

The complete integrated solution for automotive servicing workshops The ServicePodTM is a new concept that integrates every element required for vehicle servicing in a single ‘plug and play' unit. Because of its unique design the ServicePodTM requires minimal installation and comes with a number of customisable options that allow you to create a system that is tailored completely to the requirements of your workshop.

Designed to provide an integrated 'all-in-one' solution, the ServicePodTM houses oil/air/water reels, computer and tool storage, a waste bin and glove/towel dispenser in one single 2 metre unit. The design integrates electrical and communications outlets as well as a facility for the optional vertical tool storage cabinet that can also house a monitor.

Because the ServicePodTM has everything that you would need for modern vehicle servicing, this unique system fits perfectly into any sized workshop whether old or new. It's also a perfect solution for centres that are looking to re-design a service reception or rapid fit bays. For further details, call 01280 706050 or download a PDF brochure from our brochure request section.