VW Audi Moller, integrated workshop by Dura Ltd
2017-08-22 09:05:04
Dura Ltd.

VW Audi Moeller, Norway

VW Audi Moeller Embraces Innovative Service Centre Fit-Out

As the world's leading provider of integrated workshop furniture, Dura have developed an enviable reputation for creating a unique brand of cabinets, delivering systems that are continuously innovated and unrivalled in the industry. It's because of this constant ambition to achieve the very best in workshop solutions that has resulted in Dura becoming the approved supplier for many of the world's leading automotive brands, helping them to dynamically improve workshop efficiency and raise standards of presentation.

One such brand that has continued to embrace Dura's design-led approach to workshop furniture is VW Audi. In the 17 years since we originally became established, Dura have designed and developed VW Audi service centres across the globe, working hand in hand with their in-house design teams to provide tailored workshop solutions. So when it came to creating a truly original fit-out for the opening of their new dealership in Norway, VW Audi's first choice was to contact Dura's workshop experts through their local partner Verksted Industrie Service.

For this particular project, VW Audi were looking to create a service centre unlike any other. As a workshop that deals with extremely high volumes of both passenger and light commercial vehicles, Moeller Follo required a centre that looked beautifully styled but still delivered a fully-equipped work bay for each technician. Whilst there were a number of options available for the fit-out of their flagship service centre, for VW Audi there was only one solution that fitted the brief, Dura's revolutionary workshop furniture system.

Designed to create a solution of exceptional quality and style, Dura developed a low-level run of cabinetry across the full length of the centre to create 16 fully equipped work bays. These innovative workstations comprised a series of different modules of cabinetry that utilized fixed and mobile tool storage, helping to create service sufficiency. Because the service centre deals with a flexible range of customers, Dura then integrated access to multiple oil types with in-built air, oil and water delivery stations.

In addition to this, Dura integrated a unique wash-up area for each technician, installing a series of sink units and towel and glove dispenser cabinets into each work bay, and included bin cabinets across the workshop for adequate waste recycling. Once fully installed, the end result was a solution that redefined workshop design and achieved all of the business objectives of Moeller Follo. We provided staff with a workplace they could be proud of and a service centre that provided the perfect first impression for visiting customers.

If you'd like more information on this project, or would like to hear more about our extensive range of workshop furniture, please email info@dura.co.uk or call 01280 706050.

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VW Audi Moeller workshop by Dura Ltd VW Audi Moeller workshop by Dura Ltd VW Audi Moeller workshop by Dura Ltd