Porsche Mannheim integrated workshop by Dura Ltd
2017-04-11 09:05:04
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Porsche Mannheim

Dura push workshop efficiency, capacity and elegance to new levels

As a brand and manufacturer that prides itself on the principle of 'intelligent performance', Porsche have continued to push the boundaries of automotive design since first becoming established by Ferdinand Porsche back in 1935. By helping to revolutionise the sports car concept and pushing standards further than they'd ever been pushed before, Porsche have become immortalised as an automotive great and have created some of the most defining designs of the 20th century such as the famous 911, Boxster and Cayenne.

Because of this revolutionary approach and the unique branding that they have continued to build upon, Porsche now work their exacting principles into every area of their business. From the welcome at the front door of the dealership to the key fob that's given to each customer at the point of delivery, Porsche have a distinctive eye for detail in everything they do. It's for this reason that when Porsche recently chose to develop a flagship dealership in Mannheim Germany they chose the original innovators of integrated workshop furniture; someone that could develop a service centre that perfectly suited the style, complexity and quality of the cars they create.

Having worked with Porsche on a variety of projects, Dura have looked beyond conventional workshop design for the Mannheim project to provide a solution that is perfectly fitted around their multi-specification environment. Providing solutions for 23 different work bays over 2 floors of the full service centre, Dura worked with Porsche's lead architect and service centre manager to ensure that whilst the whole workshop was perfectly fitted around the individual needs of their technicians it also remained in keeping with Porsche's branding ethos.

Using a range of 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm wide black grey cabinets, Dura created an expertly equipped work bay for each technician and provided them with the perfect levels of tool storage, bulk storage, waste management and washing facilities. We also provided a centre 900mm wide fluid delivery cabinet for each technician to ensure that each car that entered the workshop could be serviced to the highest possible standards.

To ensure the finest details were considered throughout each technician bay we also provided a number of bespoke products within the full run of cabinets. Within each wall cabinet we integrated the lift control mechanisms into the side of the cabinets to provide easy access and a clean finish and on the base cabinets we ran the wide span CDF worktop 50mm over the back of the of the 7 drawer roll cabinets to ensure they sat flush with the front of each work bay.

When asked about the workshop and how it had helped to increase the working environment and corporate standards of the Stafford dealership, Steve had this to say,

Finally, and even more original were the revolutionary new plinths that were capped with waterproof leather seals and ran flat to the floor to ensure that no dirt, dust, water or parts could run underneath the cabinets. Once finished the workshop allowed Porsche to create the perfect working environment for technicians and delivered a lasting memory for customers bringing their cars to the centre.

If you'd like more information on this project, or would like to hear more about our extensive range of workshop furniture, please email info@dura.co.uk or call 01280 706050.

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Porsche Mannheim integrated workshop by Dura Ltd Porsche Mannheim integrated workshop by Dura Ltd Porsche Mannheim integrated workshop by Dura Ltd