Introducing the new ServiceWall System Introducing the new ServiceWall System
2016-09-15 17:00:37
Dura Ltd.

2016-09-15 17:00:37

Introducing the new ServiceWall System

This month at Automechanika Dura were proud to announce the official release of a revolutionary new workshop system that will change the way workshops across the world operate. Designed to sit beautifully within customer facing areas such as dialogue reception bays and express service points, the new ServiceWall system is ideal for making a big statement where creating the right impression is essential.


Perfect for use as either a modular system or a stunning partition wall structure, ServiceWall can be used seamlessly throughout the workshop to facilitate a wide range of services. Using the latest high-quality componentry, with ServiceWall you can achieve a flush-fronted, modern and clean appearance that’s suitable for a wide selection of workshop types.






Available in an extensive range of colours and textured paint finishes, ServiceWall marks another significant step forward in the future of workshop design and takes advantage of a number of major design features. This includes the following:


  • - Pull out cupboard drawers for easy access.
  • - Push open / close drawers and cupboards.
  • - Pull out workbenches / desktops
  • - Hose reels with integrated drip trays.
  • - Integrated electrical communication outputs that can be surface mounted or hidden.
  • - Tool storage with optional foam inserts and useful sliding ‘overdrawer’.
  • - Diagnostic screens that can be surface mounted or beautifully integrated behind a screen.
  • - Facilities cupboards with integrated steering wheel covers, glove and towel dispensers.
  • - Drawers with an integrated keyboard and mouse tray.
  • - Blank panel walls that can be used in any position for promotional activities.
  • - Drawers with integrated seat covers and floor mat dispensers.
  • - Waste bin cupboards or high capacity low-level storage drawers.
  • - Deep drawers that are ideal for large items and polishing / cleaning fluids.