Dura & Gemco join forces to create bespoke service centre for Audi Poole Dura & Gemco join forces to create bespoke service centre for Audi Poole
2016-08-05 11:38:02
Dura Ltd.

2016-08-05 11:38:02

Dura & Gemco join forces to create bespoke service centre for Audi Poole

Ever since Audi first opened its doors to the people of Poole at the turn of the Millennium, Germany’s premier car manufacturer has continued to expand its unique dealership, continuously developing and innovating its Dorset home to offer the most personal and detailed service possible. Now in their 16th year of business and a brand new base on the horizon, Audi wanted to build on this ethos for ground-breaking facilities and impeccable attention to detail by creating a revolutionary new service centre.


As part of this prestigious new centre, Audi wanted to create a workshop that would be as welcoming for customers as it was for its technicians. The basis for this was to create a design that was perfectly equipped to facilitate the day-to-day requirements for modern vehicle maintenance, whilst creating a welcoming and memorable impression on customers when they view the work being carried out on the car.


As the recommended workshop equipment provider for Audi, Dura have worked together with Audi’s experienced team of designers over many years, creating workshop ‘centres of excellence’ for each dealership. For each of these projects, we’ve always maintained a very design-led approach to ensure that each area of the workshop is covered and no stone is left un-turned. For Audi Poole we followed this exact process!


Starting with a series of detailed 2D CAD drawings and realistic 3D renders, Dura’s team of workshop interior experts took Audi Poole’s ideas and requirements and worked them into a series of bespoke visualisations. From here we then worked with Gemco and Audi’s chief designers to revise and perfect the configuration of the cabinets throughout the centre.


Once the final design was agreed and signed off, we then set to work on installing each work bay throughout the centre. For this, each workspace utilized a combination of low-level or base cabinets with a selection of integrated back panels and wall units to create a full height, modular solution. These base-unit cabinets consisted of a centralised fluid delivery cabinet, 2 x 7-drawer 1200mm wide tool storage cabinets, a 1200mm double-door general storage cabinet and a 1200mm wide waste recycling cabinet.


Each run of base cabinets was then combined with a series of colour-coded back-panels with integrated lift controls and power points, as well as a full run of high-level wall cabinets that provided adequate overhead storage. Within each work bay, one unit was also combined with an integrated monitor within the wall cabinet door to provide full diagnostic screen access.


Whilst the majority of the workshop was fitted with a series of these double technician bays connected together to create a clean, organised and stylish design, Dura also worked the cabinets around a number of internal windows with lower-level sections to create a seamless finish.


Once fully installed, Gemco’s expert installation team then fitted a series of centralised in-ground lifts for each work bay to create a dynamic and efficient centre. The end result was a workshop that perfectly met with Audi Poole’s aspirational requirements and gave their customers an outstanding first impression.