Latest Product Innovations from Dura Ltd Latest Product Innovations from Dura Ltd
2016-05-13 09:28:29
Dura Ltd.

2016-05-13 09:28:29

Latest Product Innovations from Dura Ltd

As a product range that is constantly evolving, Dura’s original 600 series of workshop cabinets has grown significantly over recent years, with major additions helping to improve the flexibility and quality of our systems. Such has been the improvement in our cabinets that many of the world’s leading automotive brands are creating more complex configurations than ever before, designing areas for more challenging requirements such as specialist wash-up areas and integrated computer diagnostics.


This year has seen further additions to our award-winning cabinet range with a number of unique units added to our waste disposal, general storage and utility cabinet divisions. To give you a deeper insight into what each of these cabinets provides, we’ve reviewed each product to see how they can be fully utilized to create a more efficient and productive workshop.


Tambour Door Desk Unit1. BU-124: 1200mm Tambour Door Desk Unit


As the newest addition to the Dura range, the Tambour Door Desk unit presents a major step forward in service centre workstations. Based around a 1200mm wide cabinet design, this unique desk  provides a 900mm opening on the left-hand side of the unit that’s finished with a full-height tambour door, allowing each technician to tidily lock away their stool at the end of each day.


On the right-hand side of the cabinet we’ve then integrated 2 x 300mm wide deep drawers to provide the perfect levels of general storage, giving each technician enough space to securely store away all of their personal items or important tools.


600mm Towel and Glove Dispenser Cabinet2. BUGT-060: 600mm Towel & Glove Dispenser Base Cabinet


Whilst the current utility cabinet range contains a number of towel and glove dispenser units, until recently these have all been in the form of overhead wall cabinets. To help provide a suitable alternative for low-level cabinet setups, Dura have created a 600mm wide base cabinet which comprises all of the glove and towel dispenser capabilities of a WUIT cabinet into a floor standing unit.


This 600mm deep x 600mm wide unit has a top drawer with 2 cut-outs, allowing for the integrated storage of a glove dispenser box and a standard blue towel reel. In the bottom half of the unit we’ve then developed a single cupboard with lockable door, providing the perfect location for storage.


1200mm Waste Recycling Cabinet3. BB-124: 1200mm Waste Recycling Cabinet


Perfect for sorting all of your refuse into separate bins for effective waste management, the BB-124 is the next level up in waste cabinet design, and is the first cabinet in the series to feature separate storage drawers.


Designed around a 1200mm wide design that runs to the floor without the need for plinth plates, this unique cabinet has a main 900mm bin drawer that contains 2 fully removable waste bins. To the right of this drawer we have then integrated 2 separate storage drawers that are perfect for smaller items or cleaning products.


Tambour Door Cabinet4. RSS-060/090/120: Tambour Door Cabinet


As the perfect alternative to our standard double-door rack shelving units, our new selection of tambour door cabinets are perfect for creating clean, tidy and easily accessible storage. Available as a 600, 900 or 1200mm wide cabinet, the tambour door range allows the user to lock-away small to medium sized components that normally clutter-up the workshop behind a flexible shutter door.


This cabinet comes with 4 metal shelves as standard that can be moved and relocated depending on the storage requirements of the user. We can also provide additional shelves to these should you have any additional organisational requirements.


If you’d like any more information on these or any other products within our extensive 600 series range, please call 01280 706050 or email