Is Fluid Management Costing You 's Is Fluid Management Costing You 's
2015-06-24 10:24:39
Dura Ltd.

2015-06-24 10:24:39

Is Fluid Management Costing You 's

In a market where new equipment is purchased annually to keep up with rapid vehicle technology changes, every penny counts. Those you do manage to save can be reinvested to keep your business a step ahead of its competitors.


A common area within your workshop that may lower profit returns is your oil management system. The fluctuating costs of lubricants means that wastage and inventory control is becoming a talking point within the industry and is now of high importance. Dura’s fluid management systems are designed in 3 modular widths can be fitted as tall or low level cabinets and can save your workshop money.


The integrated OMS system can be programmed for each job to deliver the exact quantity of fluid required.  Each measurement of fluid can be designated to individual technicians and vehicles reducing consumption by ensuring only the required amount is used.  On completion of fluid delivery the OMS system can be used to automatically update your inventory system ensuring you never fall below critical levels that could result in downtime and a loss of earnings.


It is also possible in many cases to link the dispensing value directly to your workshops DMS system, ensuring products are invoiced to the correct vehicle and charged accordingly to return profits against fluid dispensing.


The most obvious benefit of a fluid management system is the cost savings, but they can benefit your business in several other ways.

Retractable reels and removable drip trays ensure oil stays where it’s supposed to be and doesn’t end up on floors creating health and safety risks to staff and possibly customers.


An ergonomic grip is far nicer for your technicians when delivering litre upon litre of oil or water and will reduce hand fatigue.  Leaving your technician to continue enjoying his work rather than rubbing deep heat into aching palms.


Integrated shut off valves aid in health and safety and ensure if an issue occurred oil can easily be shut off to reduce further risk.

With strict regulations for oil disposal, optional integrated oil extraction controls provide safe and efficient oil extraction that can be stored and correctly disposed of in a way that with today’s regulations could even make you money.


Dura’s reel cabinets can also be used for air, electric, chemicals and other additives.