Nissan Nismo Choose Dura Nissan Nismo Choose Dura
2015-06-10 16:32:22
Dura Ltd.

2015-06-10 16:32:22

Nissan Nismo Choose Dura


Nissan NISMO’s new LM P1 programme has specifically chosen workshop equipment specialist Dura, to design and install a new workshop for the revolutionary Nissan GT-R LM.


As the originators of the fitted garage concept, and a global reputation in the automotive industry for excellence and innovation in workshop furniture, there was no other choice than Dura.


Dura are honoured to have been chosen by the renowned sporting division and to be a part of the operation for Nissan’s LM P1 entry into the 2015-2016 FIA Wold Endurance Championship.


The Nissan GT-R LM NISMO is set to make history with its entry into the famously challenging 24hr Le Mans endurance race due to its revolutionary front engine and front wheel drive design and will be the first of its kind to compete in the LM P1 class.  As well as its revolutionary engineering the Nissan GT-R LM NISMO is a hybrid, powered by a twin turbo charged V6 petrol engine that has been coupled with a mechanical flywheel energy recovery system.


When developing a European HQ for the programme at Silverstone, UK, it was important for Nissan to work with an equally innovative company who shared their ethics and reach for the sky mentality. 


Nissan originally approached Dura in March 2015 and the two expert organisations set out to design and install 3 car bays as well as gear box, sub assembly and machine shop areas in the new workshop.


“We needed a cabinetry system that was bespoke to our specific needs, and of assured quality,” said Nissan NISMO LM P1 team manager Chris Mower. “Dura delivered everything we needed and more, and the crew have found their innovative design features excellent to work with, which is vital when doing key preparations to short deadlines.”


Each supercar bay features Dura’s specialist 5 drawer tool cabinets with secure foam inlays as well as multiple 1200mm base cabinets featuring sliding double doors and adjustable shelving.   The true NISMO image cabinetry is finished in pure white with bespoke worktops to provide a stylish and modern finish to a ground breaking team in the FIA World Endurance Championship programme.