Welcome to the world of Continova Welcome to the world of Continova
2015-04-21 14:54:38
Dura Ltd.

2015-04-21 14:54:38

Welcome to the world of Continova


As the original innovators of the integrated workshop system, Dura’s modular cabinetry and tool storage solutions can be found in most major cities and prestigious automotive workshops in Sweden. Due to the company’s long lasting relationship with their Swedish Distributor Continova AB, the technically advanced products are now the norm amongst professionals.


The relationship between Continova and Dura is perfectly balanced through a shared ethos of innovation, quality and superior service.  Whether you’re looking to renovate your existing workshop, or looking to install into a new construction, Continova and Dura have the expert knowledge and skills to work alongside you or your architect.


A recent project worked on by the duo was Hedin Bil, Angelholm.  The Hedin Bil Group has a total of 23 brands, due to its large product range the company are one of the largest automotive dealers in Sweden.


The group wanted to invest in a workshop that would increase cleanliness, health and safety and efficiency.  Choosing only supplies that have an environmentally friendly focus, Hedin Bil were pleased with Dura’s waste management systems, designed specifically for the Swedish market.  The system consists of four separate compartments that can be used by each technician to separate waste before its accurate disposal. As well as waste management the new Angelholm based workshop incorporated tool stations, a combination of high and low level storage cabinetry and slim line tool solutions for larger equipment.  With incorporated VDU’s technicians have the capacity to service and repair vehicles whilst completing administration, all in one compact footprint.


BMW have also looked to Continova and their relationship with Dura to install a new workshop in their Bavaria dealership.  As well as individual technician bays that feature built in tool storage, BMW has also built a rapid service area.  The area features a 2.7 metre run of cabinetry that provides the technician with efficient waste management, storage capability and a mobile tool station featuring castors that provide easy movement.


A key feature of the Dura range that has been installed in both the Hedin Bil and BMW workshops is their fluid management system.  The system minimises wastage, whilst improving inventory management that ultimately leads to increased profits. With all products design led a popular addition to tool storage cabinets is tool control foam, the foam is double layered and perfectly cut to the exact size needed. Providing an individual home for each tool has proven results of cutting down on lost or stolen equipment. 


Continova consistently offer high standards to their customers through initial consultations, the provision of 3D visuals and a timely and professional installation.  As their reputation grows throughout the region we expect to see many more projects featuring the Dura range including Klasen Bil, a privately owned workshop that is currently under redevelopment.