Creating a workshop that leaves a lasting impression Creating a workshop that leaves a lasting impression
2015-04-09 14:37:16
Dura Ltd.

2015-04-09 14:37:16

Creating a workshop that leaves a lasting impression

As one of the world’s largest automotive brands, Volkswagen have developed an enviable reputation for car design that has led to the creation of many of the UK’s most iconic and bestselling motor cars. From the classic Beetle to the legendary Golf, VW have evolved and grown considerably over the years, developing an image for producing reliable, stylish and elegantly finished vehicles.


One key factor that has helped Volkswagen to continue to evolve has been the continuing development of their dealerships and service centres. Working with some of the world’s most renowned architects and interior designers, the VW team have combined clear, clean and concise styling with unique touch points to deliver an unforgettable customer experience from start to finish.


Part of this unique evolution has been based around the interior customisation of the workshop, where VW have focused on providing customers with a viewing area into the service centre. For the VW brand this has been a key factor in building a trust with their customers and increasing the exposure of the unique service that VW provide.


For VW’s new dealership in Milton Gate, Oxfordshire, the need to create a beautifully organised workshop was one of the main goals of the dealership. To ensure that this new workshop was perfectly designed for customers to view and technicians to work in, the team at VW Milton Gate contacted Dura to deliver a design that fitted in perfectly with the setup of the building.


With a large 10 bay workshop forming the main focus of the project, Dura started by providing a full run of cabinets on either side of the workshop to provide enough tool storage and bulk storage for each work bay. We then integrated a central fluid delivery cabinet between each work bay to provide easy to access oil, water and air delivery for each technician.


As the workshop is used for commercial vehicles as well as general road cars, the whole of the workshop has been setup to provide an efficient and productive setup no matter what vehicle is being worked upon.


In addition to the main room, Dura also worked with the team at VW Milton Gate to create a separate customer consultation bay. This single bay room was developed to provide the service centre manager and leading technicians a space where they could discuss any required work with the customer and show them exactly how it will be carried out.


Within this section, Dura provided a single 2.1m wide work station that again had integrated oil and water delivery, custom tool storage and lift controls built within the back panels to provide a fully integrated system. The end result has provided VW Milton Gate with a service centre that customers are excited to view and technicians are proud to work in.