Dura combat?s the lack of trust in independent garages Dura combat?s the lack of trust in independent garages
2015-03-17 14:41:19
Dura Ltd.

2015-03-17 14:41:19

Dura combat?s the lack of trust in independent garages

UK independent garages are facing an uphill battle against customers who don’t trust them and often feel over charged for the service they have received.  In a recent RAC Garage Compare poll, 60% of motorists said they have had a bad experience when taking their car for a service, MOT or general repair work. 


Rather than poor workmanship, this lack of trust is more likely to manifest from a lack of understanding.  For most customers they walk into a garage, hand over their keys to an administrator who is unable to answer any technical questions without first checking with a technician, and then wait for a call with their final bill.  They have little or no idea what work has been done and the technical terms used sound like another language.


Independent garages don’t have the global brand names to instil an idea of quality and therefore have to work harder to gain loyalty and a reputation of providing a good service.


A consultation bay or service reception could be the answer to gain customer confidence. The bay provides a space for customers to discuss the work required with their technician, and allows an open forum for questions or show and tells by the technician of the work to be conducted.


It is important to be able to utilise any customer area as a work space as well.  Dura’s all in one solution the Service Pod, provides a combination of oil, air and water reels.  The tool storage cabinets are provided with standard foam inlays or custom cut control foam, and can be integrated with general storage cabinets to suit your requirements.


The incorporated isolator switch, lift controls and power sockets mean the consultation bay is not wasted space as basic analysis or rapid service can be carried out.


The waste bin and glove/towel dispenser make cleaning up easy. The integrated computer means all manual and administration work can be conducted in one area, whilst building rapport between customer and technician that ultimately leads to trust and loyalty.


The single two metre unit requires minimal installation and makes the perfect service reception or rapid fit bay.