Dura develops 'showpiece' workshop for Swansway Group Dura develops 'showpiece' workshop for Swansway Group
2015-01-13 14:25:29
Dura Ltd.

2015-01-13 14:25:29

Dura develops 'showpiece' workshop for Swansway Group

Award winning motor retail group, Swansway, are known for their attention to detail and for their desire to delight their customers. With 18 dealerships located from Preston in the North to Birmingham in the South, Swansway is known for its excellent customer experience and this extends to the workshop, not just the showrooms and coffee areas.


The new-build of their Stafford Land Rover centre, allowed their approach to be more considered than ever. There was a desire to bring the retail experience in to every part of the centre with Swansway keen to deliver a truly unique customer and staff experience.


Customers visit a centre more often to have their vehicles serviced, than to buy new ones, therefore Swansway wanted to focus on a workshop area that was not only highly ergonomic and practical for their technical team, but also a showpiece for customers.


With this in mind Dura’s expert team of workshop designers worked hand in hand with Stafford Land Rover, after sales Manager, Simon Fisher and the team at Gemco to design a setup that was perfectly styled around the new Land Rover corporate identity, providing the ideal work bay setup for each technician.


Designed to provide eight identical workstations that deliver enough servicing capabilities to the 10 work bays housed within the workshop, Dura designed an efficient and flexible solution that provided the optimum levels of tool and bulk storage. The work bays were designed to provide each technician with their own 1200mm wide tool storage box for bulkier tools, as well as an under bench cabinet for the mobile transportation of precision tool sets.

To ensure each technician was then provided with easy to manage oil, air and water delivery, Dura combined a 600mm wide fluid delivery unit into each run of cabinets and provided each workstation with a 1200mm wide waste management unit to keep the service centre tidy. The workshop was then finished off with high level storage in the form of matching wall units, as well as a series of back panels that integrated all the necessary electrical points, switches and lift controls.


The finished solution was a system that provided the perfect working environment for Swansway’s talented team of technicians as well as providing a setup that the whole team is proud to show off to customers, so much so in fact that they’re planning on holding a tailored open day within the workshop over the coming weeks. When asked about the work Dura carried out on the workshop, after sales manager Simon Fisher had this to say,


“We wanted to create a workshop that blended with our brand new showroom. We knew of Dura as they had re-fitted the workshop at our Stafford Audi centre and we’re delighted with the products and service they’ve delivered. The cabinets are of the highest quality and the installation process was excellent.”


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