Dura makes major investment in the future Dura makes major investment in the future
2014-11-12 11:55:41
Dura Ltd.

2014-11-12 11:55:41

Dura makes major investment in the future

When it comes to innovation, we’ve never been shy of change and have always been at the cutting edge of the latest workshop system developments. From a small product tweak to a completely new range, Dura have always gone the extra mile to ensure that the design and build quality of our workshop systems is unrivalled in the industry.


Since 1997 every year Dura have continued to grow and develop to ensure that our product offering is as good as it possibly can be. Although we’ve introduced a number of important additions to our Plymouth plant over recent years, including a €1,000,000 Salvagnini metal fabricating machine, 2014 has seen Dura continue to develop our ‘state of the art’ manufacturing facility to streamline processes and further improve build quality.


With the addition of a brand new €800,000 paint facility that’s due for completion in December, our investment into the manufacturing quality of our workshop systems will have reached nearly €4 million in the last 4 years. This is a statement of intent into the Dura range and will ensure that each project is delivered to the highest possible standards.


As part of the further development of our factory we’ve also recently taken on another full time Engineering Designer who will be working solely on Dura products, improving our existing ranges as well as helping to develop new products going forward. This will include work on our revolutionary new workshop concept that was launched at Automechanika Frankfurt earlier this year to excellent reviews.


Back in our Brackley office we’ve also expanded our design and marketing departments further with the addition of two new members to the team. To ensure that we are forward thinking with the development of our web activity, we’ve taken on a full time website developer who will be working on keeping our websites modern, fresh and up to date, as well as improving the interactivity with our growing product range.


Within our workshop design department we’ve added further skill and production capacity with the addition of a new Project Engineer. Aside from making sure that the project design process of our design department is extremely efficient, this will ensure that more technical requests can be worked effectively into bespoke, well annotated 2D and 3D visuals.


With more advancements planned in 2015 and further flagship projects set to be installed for Jaguar Land Rover, Porsche and Mercedes, it’s an exciting time to be part of the Dura brand.