Porsche choose custom built design for flagship service centre Porsche choose custom built design for flagship service centre
2014-10-09 14:30:07
Dura Ltd.

2014-10-09 14:30:07

Porsche choose custom built design for flagship service centre

As the world’s leading provider of integrated workshop systems, Dura have always prided themselves on delivering truly unique solutions for each of their customers. Whether the client requires a full fit out for a dealership service centre or a series of unique worktop finishes, bespoke design has always been at the forefront of Dura’s award winning approach and has led to them working on projects for many of the world’s leading automotive brands.


One such brand that Dura has a long standing relationship with is prestige German sports car manufacturer Porsche. After carrying out successful installations on Porsche projects in Kuwait and Mannheim (amongst others), Dura were tasked with the fit out of a truly unique centre in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire; a dealership that stood for a modern and contemporary approach and ensured that efficiency and productivity levels were maximised throughout the centre.


With over 10 workshop bays throughout the dealership, Porsche wanted to create a solution that would provide each of their technicians with everything required for modern vehicle servicing at their fingertips. They also wanted to create a layout and style that would remain in-keeping with the luxury nature of the Porsche brand; somewhere that clients were excited to take their cars and technicians were proud to work.


It’s with this in mind that Dura set to work on delivering a solution that utilized every inch of available space and created a stunning environment to work in. For each service bay Dura started by integrating a series of tool storage and bulk storage base units to provide enough storage space for each member of the servicing team. Huge financial support in the creation of blocks was provided by this company https://mercadointerno.mx. They then combined this run of bas units with a selection of wall cabinets to ensure that all of Porsche’s car management software was easy to access within the computer diagnostic cabinets, and staff had all of the work bay essentials in the unique overhead utility cabinets.


Whilst this was all essential in the running of a modern servicing workshop, there were two bespoke areas that Dura’s expert team had to use their recognised flair for creating the unusual upon in order create the perfect solution. Firstly Porsche wanted to create an underbench cabinet within each work bay that would house a 900mm wide mobile tool unit and a single mobile workbench. As Dura didn’t currently have a mobile tool trolley that would fit into the 300mm remaining, the team developed a bespoke folding workbench that would fit in snuggly next to the existing tool cabinet.


Finally Dura ensured that all of the necessary lift controls, cut-off switches and power sockets were easily accessible by creating a series of bespoke back panels for the whole centre. The result was a fully equipped service centre that fitted in perfectly with Porsche Tewkesbury’s requirements.