Dura's features on Channel 4's Inside Rolls Royce Dura's features on Channel 4's Inside Rolls Royce
2014-04-03 12:10:38
Dura Ltd.

2014-04-03 12:10:38

Dura's features on Channel 4's Inside Rolls Royce

With a proud history of developing workshops for many of the world’s most prestigious automotive brands, Dura were recently commissioned to develop a completely bespoke system of fitted cabinets for the team at Rolls Royce in Chichester. Designed around the interior of their new and extremely innovative production area, Dura helped Rolls Royce to create a workshop that would allow them carry out fine detailing work on models across the Rolls Royce range, including the one off special edition Celestial.


For many of Rolls Royce’s traditional models our range of workshop cabinets are used primarily for exterior polishing work or intricate bodywork styling, whereas for the Celestial project the new workshop was used for a completely unique job. Taking inspiration from the amazing constellation of the Milky Way, the staff at Rolls Royce used Dura’s clean, organised and well-equipped workshop to do much of the diamond inlay work on the bulk head and rear door panels of the Celestials interior. The aim of this was to create a realistic impression of the Galaxy and create a truly memorable passenger experience.


The production of this one off project was recently captured on Channel 4’s ‘Inside Rolls Royce’ program where viewers were treated to an insight into how the concept for the Celestial was thought up and how every area of the car was expertly finished. To see a re-run of this show and the workshop that Dura helped to create for Rolls Royce, please go to Channels 4’s on Demand website or by visiting http://www.channel4.com/programmes/inside-rolls-royce-and-boodles/4od#3672000.