Dura completes unique fit out for Bob Houghton Ferrari Dura completes unique fit out for Bob Houghton Ferrari
2013-12-04 11:31:31
Dura Ltd.

2013-12-04 11:31:31

Dura completes unique fit out for Bob Houghton Ferrari

As one of the oldest Ferrari service centres anywhere in the UK, Bob Houghton Ferrari has gained a glowing reputation for maintaining and customising both modern and classic Ferrari’s for some of the world’s most prestigious car owners. Because of this reputation in recent months Bob and his team wanted to bring the interior of the workshop up to date with a modern and unique re-fit that would follow the legendary prancing horse styling to be echoed throughout the workshop.


With this in mind the Dura team set to work on creating a solution for that would combine the rich red and black of the Ferrari logo with a workshop system that improved efficiency and aesthetic appearance. We achieved this by providing a distinctive run of Ferrari red cabinets that delivered the optimum levels of tool storage, general storage and fluid delivery for each technician.


Once the selected run of cabinets were in place, each work bay was then finished off with a colour coded run of steel wall cladding system that fitted in perfectly behind the cabinets and created a robust yet stylish back drop behind the units.


If you would like to know more about the Bob Houghton Ferrari project then please visit the Case Studies section of our site for a full review and Mr Houghton’s thoughts on the project. Alternatively please contact info@dura.co.uk or call 01280 706050.