Distributor Focus: Tecalemit Finland Distributor Focus: Tecalemit Finland
2013-12-03 17:20:08
Dura Ltd.

2013-12-03 17:20:08

Distributor Focus: Tecalemit Finland

Based in Helskinki, Tecalemit have been Dura’s sole distributor in Finland for over 3 years now, working with our expert design team to help deliver some truly unique projects. Since the start of 2010, Tecalemit have worked with Dura on a variety of workshop installations for major automotive brands such as Porsche, Toyota, BMW, and more recently Volvo. In some cases the workshops that were required were extremely complex and needed a number of bespoke items, but it is testament to the level of detail that Tecalemit Finland and Dura cover that ensured each project ran extremely smoothly.


One particular project that required such a keen eye for detail, as well as expert project management, was a workshop solution that we recently delivered for Suomen Autohuolto (SAH) in Oulu. In Oulu, SAH have two garages on the same street, one that operates as an expert body shop and service repair centre for heavy vehicles, and another that offers extended service repairs for VW, Seat, Skoda, Ford and Volvo owners.


As part of the re-development of the service repair shop, Dura and Tecalemit created and installed a functional, stylish and efficient workshop, extending SAH’s facilities by an additional 8 bays from a 10 bay garage into an 18 bay service centre. Working hand in hand with Tecalemit, Dura delivered a precise run of fixed and mobile storage cabinets for each work bay, integrating oil, air and water management units, specialist recycling bin cabinets and worktop mounted diagnostic display monitors. Each technician’s bay was then neatly finished with a bespoke run of Dura wall cladding behind the cabinets that worked with each run of units to improve style and increase storage.


Such was the success of the fit out for the Oulu workshop that Dura and Tecalemit then went on to deliver a similar 18 bay service centre for SAH’s other Volvo and Volkswagen repair shop in Tampere, Lielahti. When asked about the workshop solutions that Dura and Tecalemi had delivered, SAH owner Eero Poukkula had this to say, “The end result that we’ve received is extremely impressive and we are very pleased with it. Our technicians are full of praise for the magnificent new premises, and it’s really helped to bring out the image of the Volvo brand across the two centres.”