Further installation to support growth at Clearmark Further installation to support growth at Clearmark
2020-12-06 14:52:34
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2020-12-06 14:52:34

Further installation to support growth at Clearmark

In recent years, Clearmark Solutions has enjoyed substantial growth. In 2017, the company embarked on a journey to design and build a new state-of-the-art facility, ensuring they have the right environment to reflect their continuing success and accommodate their increasing workforce; all whilst future-proofing the organisation. Throughout this period, Clearmark and Dura worked closely to guarantee the right design for an efficient and profitable workspace.


The Background

Chris Simpson, Managing Director at Clearmark Solutions, was no stranger to Dura when he first approached them to help turn his vision into reality.


"I had encountered Dura at my local car dealership and remembered thinking, that's exactly how I would like my workspace to be. The assembly and maintenance areas in our existing building were functional but not well organised, and the new facility allowed us to try something different. We have a transparent approach and proudly show our customers around, with an open-door policy for all areas. I wanted to showcase our workshop areas, as they are the most vital aspect of what we do."


Today, Chris entrusts Dura to continue to produce the right solutions, strengthening the relationship between the two companies.


The Design

The nature of their operation requires Clearmark to have wide bays for the robotics assembly, useful tool storage, waste disposal and computers on each workstation. During a consultation with Clearmark Solutions, Dura understood these vital elements and how the communication between their engineers is essential to ensure projects are completed to time.


Chris was keen to think beyond a traditional linear design for the workshop, as he knew it wouldn't provide the workflow efficiency required. "What we needed when planning the workspace was expert advice about how to organise the space, and I knew Dura would be able to meet this challenge."


As part of the design process, Dura used 3D renders to provide Clearmark with several options for workspace configurations, before perfecting a unique double-cross design. "It's several weeks after installation and the engineering team love it... and I do too! It's great having everything integrated within a modular system, which looks clean and uncluttered. It's a real showpiece, and the customers who have seen it so far have been impressed! Dura was fantastic throughout the whole process".


After completing their main workshops, Clearmark extended into other areas of the building. Dura designed a configuration of furniture for their Maintenance Bay and Engineering Workshop, as well as a 'single-cross' workstation for the mezzanine area.


The workshop furniture will support continued business growth and expansion, while facilitating the adoption of 3D printing technology within this efficient environment.


The Results

Clearmark Solutions has blue-chip customers who demand the highest of standards from their suppliers and undertake regular quality control inspections and audits.


With Dura's workshop furniture in place, Clearmark now has a modular system which matches throughout, enabling the technicians to work as efficiently as ever. The team has a modern, secure, and efficient working space, allowing them to deliver a smooth and simple service within an environment which they can be proud of.


"We have the best workspace of any of our competitors worldwide, and we are as proud to show it off as we are the rest of our facility"  Chris Simpson - Managing Director


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