Dura and CES create world-class workshops to keep the Met moving Dura and CES create world-class workshops to keep the Met moving
2021-07-19 15:06:55
Dura Ltd.

2021-07-19 15:06:55

Dura and CES create world-class workshops to keep the Met moving

The Metropolitan Police’s extensive fleet of vehicles is key to their success in keeping London safe. Acknowledging Dura’s track record for providing outstanding workshops for both commercial and emergency service clients, the Met approached the team through distributor partner CES to provide custom-designed furniture for their new 40,000 sq ft vehicle repair and maintenance facility.

As the police force for the UK’s capital, the Metropolitan Police (Met) has a unique set of responsibilities and challenges. It polices 620 square miles and serves more than eight million people across one of the world’s most dynamic and diverse cities. As part of this role it protects over 160 foreign embassies and high commissions, polices Heathrow (Europe’s busiest airport), while also dealing with thousands of protests and special events every year, significantly more than any other force in the country.

To tackle this huge responsibility, the Met needs to maintain a large fleet of vehicles, from motorcycles and patrol cars, to armoured vehicles. Dura was privileged to be approached directly through its distributor partner, CES, to help create a world-class repair and maintenance facility to rise to this exceptional challenge.

Working closely with the Metropolitan Police Operational Support Services and CES's Owner and Project Lead Alan Crisp, Dura developed a scheme for the development that provided class-leading health and safety standards, while delivering workplace efficiency essential for this time-critical environment.

The facilities needed to accommodate all requirements for the build, repair and maintenance of the service’s fleet throughout the entire life-cycle of the vehicles. As a result, every work sector was carefully considered for its specific needs, and the resulting design solutions brought together under a coordinated scheme which unified the workspaces across the entire building. In many places, workstations were planned in continuous runs to maximise tool storage capabilities while safeguarding operator safety. Other areas worked independently but utilised the same system to maintain high-levels of efficiency.

The Motorcycle Workshops provides facilities for complete in-house conversion, build, repair and maintenance. The Body Shop incorporates the latest technology to operate more quickly and in a cleaner way. This helps reduce operating costs and is safer for technicians. Full chassis realignment with unique collision repair capabilities are also included, along with tyre fitting and storage and precise wheel alignment to meet diverse and extreme demands.

Service bays were carefully designed for their respective uses, from patrol cars to HGVs. All include bay-side fluid dispensing and are fully connected with integrated data points. Vehicle diagnostics connect directly to vehicle manufacturers and there is fully licensed DVSA automated test lane for MOT requirements.

Completed on time and on budget, this outstanding facility delivers everything required by a modern and highly reactive police force. Truly a Centre of Excellence, these outstanding workshops represent the best of modern policing and provide a vital resource to keep the Met moving and the UK’s capital safe.


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