Dura success through long term relationships Dura success through long term relationships
2019-07-25 16:02:06
Dura Ltd.

2019-07-25 16:02:06

Dura success through long term relationships

Strong relationships based on trust, maximum project support and flexibility are one of the cornerstones of Dura’s success in overseas markets. One of our longest standing export partners is Iyasaka Ltd who are in their 10th year of building the Dura brand in Japan, equipping premium workshops with quality furniture solutions, often including designs specifically adapted to the needs of the discerning local market.



Yanase Co Ltd is one of the oldest established vehicle dealer groups in Japan having been instrumental in pioneering the importation of European and US vehicles and later becoming exclusive retail partner for some of those brands. The recent project delivered by Iyasaka for Yanase Mercedes Benz Saitama branch is the latest in a long-standing cooperation between the two companies with Dura supplying furniture finished in Mercedes Benz CI colour standard.



Dura is looking forward to celebrating 10 years of partnership with Iyasaka in 2020 in a demanding environment where trust in the product and the relationship and integrity are paramount to achieving long term success.