Dura Cabinets - Still going strong Dura Cabinets - Still going strong
2017-03-22 21:20:54
Dura Ltd.

2017-03-22 21:20:54

Dura Cabinets - Still going strong


When Dura created the modular workshop furniture 20 years ago we changed the way that workshops would be designed for ever. Whilst we have seen many companies seek to copy us since then, none have ever surpassed Dura’s unique quality.


To illustrate this, we were recently sent a photo of Greg Purkey’s workshop by a retired distributor in the USA. Greg’s race car won at Daytona last month and Ron Nahr sent us this picture together with a line saying “I sold him those cabinets 17 years ago!”


Because we were so proud of the work Greg had achieve and the benefits our cabinets had provided over the years, we sent Greg an email congratulating him on the race win and to ask if he was still getting good service from his Dura cabinets.


Greg’s reply said it all;


“Thanks Dominic, cabinets are wonderful! They have been used every day and all I can say is they are the best cabinets made. Thanks again” So if you are thinking of fitting out a new workshop, make sure to choose a company who can prove the longevity and quality of its product and call one of our workshop experts on 01280 706050, or by email on info@dura.co.uk.


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