Dick Lovett Ferrari, Europe integrated workshop by Dura Ltd
2016-02-01 09:05:04
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Dick Lovett Ferrari, Europe

Europe's largest Ferrari dealership reaches new heights

If you've recently travelled past Swindon on the M4 you'd be hard placed to miss the gleaming and beautifully presented building that is Dick Lovett Ferrari. Now Europe's largest Ferrari dealership, Dick Lovett Ferrari has achieved new heights in showroom standards, delivering a customer experience unlike any other. As soon as you step into the immaculately tailored showroom, it's clear to see that the finest attention to details has been looked at to create a contemporary 'look and feel' that retains the sharp, classic standards we have come to expect from the Ferrari brand.

Dick Lovett has always retained a proud reputation for providing the highest levels of service to Ferrari owners and an integral part of this experience has been placed on aftermarket customer service. With this in mind, the Wiltshire dealership wanted to create a servicing experience that is second to none - and as impressive as the one delivered in the showroom. To achieve this Dick Lovett turned to the team at Dura.

Renowned the world over for transforming the way workshops operate, Dura's integrated workshop concept has helped many of the world's leading car manufacturers to create a 'centre of excellence' within their dealership. Designed to create a state of the art servicing bay for each technician, Dura's modular workshop philosophy has allowed the team at Dick Lovett to create a servicing centre that perfectly meets the technician's requirements whilst giving a lasting impression on visiting customers.

When the plans were put in place to create a workshop of outstanding quality and style, the Dick Lovett group wanted to utilize the space available to create an airy, uncluttered and technically superior workshop. Not only did they want to allow each technician to have their own working area with integrated tool storage; oil, water and air reels and a hi-tech diagnostic cabinet, they also wanted to create two separate rooms for parts preparation and bulk storage. When asked about the workshop and how it has benefited the new Ferrari dealership, service centre manager Daryl Scarth had this to say,

When we were trying to find the perfect supplier to fit out our new workshop we did a lot of research to find a solution that would fit in perfectly with the Dick Lovett brand. Whilst we had a look at a number of other suppliers, we chose Dura because of their reputation within the market and because of the style and quality of their products. Whilst it took our technicians a few weeks to adapt to the changes we put in place, each of our technicians now takes a greater level of pride in their work area and it's definitely helped to improve morale.

We had to work extremely hard to deliver a workshop that complied with Ferrari's design standards and utilized the space available, but with Dura's help we've achieved even better results than Ferrari wanted. We now make a point of inviting customers into the workshop and it makes such a big difference to the customer to see their car being worked on in such a beautifully maintained environment.

If you'd like more information on this project, or would like to hear more about our extensive range of workshop furniture, please email info@dura.co.uk or call 01280 706050.

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 Dick Lovett Ferrariworkshop by Dura Ltd  Dick Lovett Ferrari workshop by Dura Ltd  Dick Lovett Ferrari workshop by Dura Ltd