Audi stafford integrated workshop by Dura Ltd
2016-02-01 09:05:04
Dura Ltd.

Audi, Stafford

Creating a workshop that matches the reputation

As a dealership that is constantly striving to deliver an experience that is as prestigious as the vehicles they sell, Audi Stafford have gained a glowing reputation with Audi owners and has become one of the most visited service centres in the UK. However, over recent years the workshop has slipped down in standards compared to a number of other service centres, relying on old, well used tool boxes and longstanding fluid delivery cabinets.

With this in mind and after recently carrying out a full design and re-fit for Audi Stafford's sister site in Stoke upon Trent, Dura were chosen to create a fresh and functional design for the existing workshop that brought a number of factors into consideration. With topics such as aesthetics, technician retention, corporate identity, and customer perception on a precise list of requirements, after sales manager Steve Hampton wanted to bring his dealership in to line with the other dealership and create a 'centre of excellence' that staff and customers would be proud of.

With that in mind Dura's expert team of designers set about creating a solution for Audi Stafford that fitted in perfectly with the layout of the existing workshop. Working around the existing dimensions of the building as well as previously installed lifts and exhaust extraction points, Dura created a 32 metre long system that spanned the entire length of the service centre.

Incorporating a number of features such as organised tool storage, general bulk storage, IT hardware and integrated fluid delivery, the new solution provided a series of 8 identical technician bays to create an efficient and functional working environment. In addition to this Steve required 2 separate bays that were fitted out with a variety of bespoke pieces as well as a separate waste oil drainer storage area that could be used by each of the technicians within the centre.

To ensure the aesthetics of the cabinets were in-keeping with Audi's brand guidelines, Dura finished the selection of cabinets in Audi's standard RAL7021 black-grey colour scheme, complete with contrasting RAL9022 back panels. This gave the workshop a stunning finish that has since been welcomed enthusiastically my team members and customers alike.

When asked about the workshop and how it had helped to increase the working environment and corporate standards of the Stafford dealership, Steve had this to say.

Before the workshop was installed we were a little concerned about how untidy and tattered the workshop had started to become. We knew Dura from the work they'd carried out in re-fitting the Stoke dealership, and we wanted to apply the same design principles in our own centre to give it a modern and fresh appearance that would provide our technicians with a more comfortable working environment.

Whilst at first we were a little unsure about how the new workshop could incorporate our existing setup, Dura's team were excellent in making sure that everything worked together whilst ensuring that each technician had enough storage for all their requirements. We now have a modern and efficient workshop that all the team are extremely proud of and that customers are constantly commenting on when they drop off their cars.

If you'd like more information on this project, or would like to hear more about our extensive range of workshop furniture, please email or call 01280 706050.

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 Audi stafford integrated workshop by Dura Ltd  Audi stafford integrated workshop by Dura Ltd  Audi stafford integrated workshop by Dura Ltd