2015-11-13 09:54:47

Behind the Scenes of the new Nissan GT-R LM Nismo Workshop

Throughout the summer of 2015, our expert team of designers worked with revolutionary Nissan GT-R LM Nismo team.  The project was to create a bespoke workshop at the programmes European HQ, based in Silverstone.


With long standing relationships with many of the world’s most prestigious automotive brands, our unique range of modular furniture has revolutionised the traditional automotive workshops. However, a world renowned race team such as Nissan GT –R LM Nismo have different requirements to our usual automotive partnerships. 


As a race team who travel the world, the team not only needed an innovative workshop at Silverstone, but also required a mobile workshop element that their team could take with them to races.


Here we take a look into the new workshop and discover what is important to the teams race mechanics.  We also discuss how an innovative workshop makes professional Nismo LMP1 driver, Jann Mardenborough feel confident in his team and helps him to succeed.



Dura are honoured to have been chosen by the renowned sporting division and to be a part of the operation for Nissan’s LM P1 entry into the 2015-2016 FIA Wold Endurance Championship.