2013-12-03 16:43:39

Looker Mercedes choose Duras's workshop expertise for Crawley service centre

Since the original days of the silver arrow, Mercedes Benz has become renowned around the world for their precise approach, developing vehicles that are built around a long-standing tradition for elegance and quality. When it comes to creating the perfect experience for their customers, Mercedes pay attention to every detail, ensuring that everything is perfectly designed and in-keeping with the original brand. It's for this reason that when Looker Mercedes recently decided to open a new dealership and servicing centre just outside Gatwick airport in Crawley, they chose Dura and their range of integrated workshop equipment for the fit out of the centre.


With over 15 years of experience in delivering workshop systems for many of the world's leading automotive manufacturers, Dura has a wealth of experience in creating bespoke, design led solutions to fit in with the exact requirements of the customer; and Mercedes Crawley was no different. Working together with Calibration & Consultancy Services Ltd, Dura provided an integrated range of low level cabinets around Looker Mercedes exact specifications. Using a selection of 900mm and 600mm wide tool cabinets, Dura created a range of tool storage options for the centre, recessing the cabinets and designing unified servicing bays.


In addition to this Dura incorporated bin utility cabinets, bulk storage cupboards and air & fluid management cabinets to complete the solution. To finish of the workshop Dura then finished off each technician area by incorporating full height, colour coded back panels inside the recess. This helped to cover any existing walling and unsightly wires and allowed for lift control panels and power sockets to be incorporated into the completed system. This project demonstrates Dura's ability to successfully deliver bespoke solutions to leading automotive manufacturers who are looking for quality, reliability, cost effectiveness and something that's truly unique.