Rolls Royce Workshop in Dubai by Dura Ltd
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Rolls Royce Dubai

Rolls Royce Dubai

Dura's innovative cabinet systems form part of Rolls Royce's
flagship Dubai service centre.

As one of the world's most prestigious automotive brands, Rolls Royce have developed an enviable reputation for pushing the boundaries of design, delivering some of the most recognisable and luxurious models that the car industry has ever seen. From the fine hand stitching within the interior of each car to the personalised metal door plates on each and every vehicle, Rolls Royce are passionate about the finer details of their cars and have developed their brand around the exacting standards of their designers, engineers and in-house technicians.

Such are the levels that Rolls Royce strives for that every area of their sales process is perfected to ensure that the customer is delivered with an unforgettable brand experience. With Rolls Royce's recent service centre opening in Dubai this has been even more apparent with the creation of a workshop experience that marks an exciting new era in the region for the ultra-luxury brand.

This new facility houses the most advanced and luxurious service and hospitality infrastructure Rolls Royce have ever created, offering customers a truly luxurious experience at every stage. Starting from its open plan and minimalistic design, the facility mimics the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood and allows its clientele to delve into the Rolls-Royce experience through the Rolls-Royce Gallery and the Library of Books situated in the luxuriously appointed waiting lounge.

From this waiting area the customer is then given a unique viewing experience with the seemingly clouded viewing windows turning transparent at the click of a button to allow each customer to see the work being carried out on their vehicle. Within this workshop the team at Dura used all of their experience in creating beautifully organised workshops to create a series of work bays that were tailored perfectly to the individual needs of the Rolls Royce team.

Separating the workshop into 2 clearly defined areas and around the clean straight lines of the interior designer, Dura started the project by integrating two works bays on the far end of the workshop, either side of a flush mounted Rolls Royce brand wall. Each technician bay provided a low level solution of black grey cabinets that contained the perfect level of tool storage, bulk storage, fluid delivery and waste management. Within each run we provided a bespoke selection of custom made back panels to ensure that each technician had all of their diagnostic equipment and electric supply to hand.

Along the near wall closest to the waiting area Dura then provided a full run of cabinets that spanned the full width of the service centre to provide the perfect working conditions for 3 technician bays. This section mirrored the use of low level cabinets used on the far end of the workshop to create a symmetrical design but provided a seamless run of storage, fluid management and delivery cabinets, all finished with a seamless CDF worktop finish to provide a clean and stylish finish.

When asked about the investment into the service centre Torsten Muller-Otvos, CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd was quoted on as saying,

The investment by AGMC in this impressive and unique facility is a testament to the continued opportunities that lie ahead in Dubai and its pioneering role in bringing alive the Rolls-Royce experience at every level of vehicle ownership.

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