HR Owen Bugatti, London integrated workshop by dura
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HR Owen Bugatti, London integrated workshop by dura

HR Owen Bugatti, London

Finest workshop for the world’s fastest car

With 12 dealerships and service centres across the UK, the HR Owen group are one of the leading providers of luxury cars, building up an enviable reputation for selling some of the finest marques anywhere in the world. From its original launch as Jack Barclay Limited in 1932 through to the launch and growth of the HR Owen brand since 2000, this quintessentially British dealership group have sales and servicing centres across the UK, working with top brands including Aston Martin, Audi, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and Bugatti.

Traditionally a London based business, over recent years HR Owen have continued to expand and upgrade their dealerships and service centres, continuing to improve their facilities and further enhance what was already a fantastic customer experience. One such project that fell into this development plan was the established Bugatti servicing centre in North Acton, London.

Whilst the Bugatti servicing area only takes up a small section of the overall workshop, because of the value of the cars and nature of work that is carried out on them, HR Owen required a solution that would epitomise their approach and perfectly match the image of the world’s fastest supercar. With this in mind the team at Dura took a detailed brief for the design and installation of a high quality and efficient workshop that would combine all the requirements for modern super car servicing with a stylish and organised solution.

The first area that HR Owen was keen to look at was making sure that their team of experienced and highly skilled technicians had the perfect environment to work in. To achieve this Dura started the run of technician bays by installing a wide selection of tool storage cabinets, general storage base cabinets , technician top boxes and utility wall cabinets to ensure everything they needed was close to hand and securely stored.

We then worked with the service centre manager at North Acton to ensure each of the work bays were well equipped with fluid delivery. By installing a central 900mm wide fluid management cabinet Dura helped to provide the perfect levels of air, water and oil delivery to facilitate all 3 bays. We then helped the team to integrate all of their diagnostic and VDU equipment into a neat and tidy wall cabinet solution so that no monitors or pc units were left on the worktops.

To finish off their chosen run of cabinets Dura designed a bespoke section of colour coded steel wall cladding along the back wall to anchor the solution and give it a strong back drop. When asked about how the new workshop solution has enhanced the centre, Divisional General Manager of Aftersales Denis Antippa had this to say,

At HR Owen we’ve always taken a great deal of pride in our service centres to ensure that they follow our company branding and provide the perfect working environment for all of our technicians. Whilst we had a number of options available to us when we decided we wanted to re-develop the Bugatti centre, we chose Dura because of their experience in the industry and the design-led approach they take to their solutions. Although there were a number of areas that required careful consideration, the team at Dura were fantastic in understanding what we were looking to achieve and provided us with a solution that fitted in perfectly with the space available. We now have a Bugatti service area that we are pleased to show to our Bugatti customers and that technicians are proud to work in

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